Home Energy Concepts Corporation is a proud partner with ENERGY STAR - working together to advance energy-efficiency in new housing and communicating the benefits to homebuyers.  Homes earning the ENERGY STAR label are independently verified to meet EPA's strict guidelines for energy performance and deliver significant energy and cost savings.  Also, by using less energy, these homes help protect the environment. Learn more about ENERGY STAR labeled homes at www.energystar.gov

Our Mission

As a Home Energy Rating Provider, an Energy Star Partner and Certified HERS Provider, is to provide our customers with the highest quality Certified Home Energy Ratings.  Ratings that will determine where and how much energy your home consumes, the compliance of various state energy codes, and a list of major construction and equipment components.  To work with Energy Star in saving energy and the environment as well as industry professionals in certifying homes in accordance with the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) Guidelines.

It is also HECC's mission to provide you with a list of  lenders that offer energy efficient mortgages for new homes as well as energy improvement mortgages for renovations of existing homes.

Company Profile  

Home Energy Concepts Corporation is proud to be the First and Only dedicated Energy Star and Certified HERS Provider located in Tennessee.  HECC proudly serves all U.S. states excluding California and Florida. HECC is also a REM/Rate Software licensee for these same states.  We provide rating certifications that are in compliance with the Home Energy Rating System Industry's National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) Guidelines.  Our Services lend themselves to Raters, Utility Companies, Builders, Realtors and Individuals seeking to know the energy efficiency, various code compliance and environmental impact of their homes.

The owners of HECC have more than 30 years experience in heating, cooling, water heating and energy efficiency in residential construction.  HECC is continually in contact with energy related industries to stay up to date on the most energy saving products.  This allows HECC to accurately calculate energy values.

Thousands of consumers have had their homes rated using the Nationally Approved "REM/Rate" Software, Certified by the Home Energy Rating Council.  This is the software of choice.


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