There is Profit in Knowledge

Once the interior walls are finished, most of the energy efficient features of a home cannot be seen.  Consumers are very hesitant to pay for things they cannot see and are also in doubt of accepting the builder's claims of the home's energy features.  Unlike the Yellow Energy Guide on major appliances, there is no national system to test the energy efficiency of a new home. 

Home Energy Concepts Corporation can provide you, the builder, with new marketing tools that can determine the energy features of your homes.  Various reports are also provided to assist you in selecting the most cost-effective energy measures, including reports to compliance of several required state energy codes.


  • An Energy Rating provided before you build
  • IECC, MEC, and ASHRAE state energy codes compliance provided before starting construction 
  • Heating and Cooling system sized before you purchase a system
  • Distinguish yourself as an Energy Efficient Builder
  • Qualify more home for potential Buyers
  • Consumer Mortgage benefits for Energy Efficient and Improvement construction


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